The Best Hunting Rifle Slings for 2020

A sling is one of the most beneficial upgrades that you can give to your hunting rifle. It allows you to hang your rifle over your shoulders and free up your hands for other tasks. Out in the field, you’ll be able to swing your gun around and be ready for action in a moment’s notice.

While hunting rifle slings are all fundamentally the same thing, different features make some slings better than others. In this article, we’ll discuss what to look out for when buying a hunting rifle sling, and the different qualities that set slings apart from each other.

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What are the Best Hunting Rifle Slings?

When it comes to selecting the right gun sling for your rifle, you need it to fit your hunting style. Here, we’ll review the best rifle slings and rate them based on their features:

Nohma Leather BF500 Buffalo Leather Padded Rifle Gun Sling

The Nohma Leather BF500 Buffalo Leather Padded Rifle Gun Sling is a soft, supple gun sling. The sling comes in a light, horse-brown color. The sling is real buffalo hide leather, which makes it durable and long-lasting. 

The sling comes with padding on the back, done in leather so it will be comfortable enough to carry for hours. You can attach the sling to any rifle or gun, but you must buy swivels separately. The Amish made the sling by hand so you can use it for years.



Raiseek Rifle Sling Buffalo Hide Leather Sling with Swivels

The Raiseek Rifle Sling Buffalo Hide Leather Sling comes with quality stitching to compliment the genuine buffalo hide leather, making it one of the best leather rifle slings you can buy. The leather is soft and firm, which makes it comfortable to carry for many days of hunting.

The Raiseek Gun Sling comes in the classic leather brown color or black with matching stitching. The sling is one-inch wide with all-metal hardware to help the sling last for years. You can adjust the length of the sling and securely lock it with a metal fastener. 

The sling comes with three metal sling swivels that open or close smoothly and attach to your gun or rifle. They have a spring-loaded release mechanism screw that allows you to attach and detach the sling whenever you want.



Quake Claw Slimline Sling with Swivels

The Quake Claw Slimline Sling is made out of synthetic Nylon. The sling has the traditional look and feel of a claw sling, but the modern ingenuity to withstand days of hunting. The latest Hush Stalker II swivels come built into the sling to prevent it from squeaking or rattling while you carry it. 

The sling comes with an “all grip no-slip” pad that is wide enough to feel comfortable in your hand and sticky enough to grip your shoulder while you carry it. The padding is a non-slip polymer that molds directly onto the sling, providing an extra ½ an inch of stretch and grip.



Allen BakTrak Bullet Rifle Sling

The Allen BakTrak Bullet Rifle Sling uses the latest technology to reduce noise and latch on your shoulder. A thumb loop comes on the main design to help you quickly adjust your grip on your rifle. 

The design of the sling makes it easy to adjust it with one hand for quick shooting. It also comes with four loops to hold extra cartridges if you need them. The built-in steel swivel makes it easy to adjust to your rifle.



Allen Company Ruger Summit Ultralite Gun Sling

The Allen Company Ruger Summit Ultralite Gun Sling is an ultra-light gun sling. It is low-density foam with a non-slip textured back to help it be easy to carry and comfortable for hours. The sling has a wide shoulder pad and is adjustable for different types of guns or personal heights. 

The sling uses heavy-duty fabric and stitching. The sling comes with swivels that will hold up to three hundred pounds. If you are a fan of Ruger, the logo comes embroidered on the shoulder strap.



What Should You Look For In a Rifle Sling?

You need a good quality rifle sling if you plan to carry your gun over your shoulder for any length of time. The sling needs many things to make it worthwhile to use. You may want to prioritize some qualities over others, depending on how you plan to use it.


If you hunt and carry your rifle for hours, you need to have a good quality sling that comes with a fair amount of padding. The padding should cover a large selection of the strap. Another thing to consider is the width of the strap. A wide strap will disperse weight accross a larger area, relieving pressure on your shoulder. However, a rifle strap that is too wide can be uncomfortable as well. As hours go on and you adjust the sling, you need your rifle to always be in a comfortable position.


Whether you are tall or short or use the sling for multiple firearms, the sling should adjust to fit the gun and your body. If it is not adjustable, it will not be easy to handle quickly. Worse yet – it can become bound up in your legs as you walk or caught on your arm as you move forward to shoot. The buckles on the sling must be easy to adjust and must not slip as you carry it around.

Attachment Point

There are three methods of attachment for rifle slings: one-, two-, and three-point. For the purposes of this article, we only look at two-point slings.  Two-point slings attach to the rifle at two points – usually the front and back of the stock. The attachment points need to allow the rifle to easily hang from your shoulder.

Leather Hunting Rifle Sling


The materials that the sling is made of will largely determine its lifespan. Leather with steel is the traditional material used to carry a gun. Nowdays high-quality synthetic and woven materials are in play, which makes them just as durable and long-lasting. You need the right combination of materials to make the gun sling sturdy and long-lasting. 

When it comes to deciding between a leather or a synthetic material sling, you need to choose based on the type of weapon you have and how you will be using it. You also need to know how long you will be carrying it and how it will feel in the long-term. Keep in mind that for the most part, leather can be repaired, while synthetic materials usually can not.


Swivels do not always come with the rifle sling. If they do, they are not always adjustable. Make sure you know what type of swivels your sling has, either plastic or metal. Be sure whether you can adjust the swivels to fit your rifle and overall needs. The swivels must be strong enough to hold the gun and support the weight of the gun, scope, extra ammo, and anything else you will carry. We prefer the Southern Kingdom Hunting SKH Sling Swivels.

Depending on your rifle sling, you may be able to change the swivels quickly. The kind of swivel your rifle sling has can help you to extend the lifespan on the strap through simple maintenance as problems arise.

Final Thoughts

Gun slings make carrying a gun comfortable and convenient. You need something durable and reliable that will hold the weight of your weapon and anything else you attach to it, such as your scope or extra ammo. 

For the winner of the roundup, we’re going to go with the Allen BakTrak Bullet Rifle Sling.

The Allen BakTrak Bullet Rifle Sling is not the traditional leather type, but it is affordable as well as sturdy. It comes with extra padding along the entire section that rests on your shoulder and securely latches to keep it firmly attached to your rifle. It also has the extra thumb loop that makes moving from shoulder to firing position quick and easy.



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